Consign The Dress


Make money and free up some prime real estate in your closet!

Here's how it works:

Email us at

Please include:

~Pictures of your women's gown ,  girl's gown or cocktail dress. Include a front and back picture.

~Let us know any information you know about the dress. (Dress Maker name, Designer name , Where it was purchased etc.)

~Your address and phone number.

We will let you know if your dress is a good Liylah fit.

If so we will reply with a prepaid shipping label which you can use to ship us your gown.

We post your gown on our website and display it in our Baltimore showroom. When the gown rents the very first time you are paid 75% of the rental fee. That is your one time payment for your dress.  (Example: If we rent your dress for $600. we pay you $450. as payment for your dress).

 You have the choice to receive your payment in the form of  a check, venmo or paypal. (Please indicate your preference in your email).

 Dress Requirements :

 In Perfect Condition.

Fully Lined.

Dry Cleaned.

3/4 or Long Sleeved.

Knee length or longer.

Must be as fabulous as the rest of our collection!